Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited

Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited

Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited. At the end of every training course the candidates are asked for feedback. This can verbal or after the event. Over the years we have experimented with different types of course evaluation. Whilst asking candidates to complete a paper evaluation form at the end of the training course often gives a 100% return rate, the feedback is often poor as the learners are filling the form in whilst they are thinking about getting in their cars and driving home.

Recently we have moved to a more reflective approach. A couple of days after their first aid course candidates are sent an e=evaluation to complete. True the response rate is much lower (fewer people send back feedback) but the feedback receive is usually much more useful to the training and quality assurance team.

Here is a summary of some of the comments received over the last few months –


24/09/2018   Flowed very well, explaining all aspects.  Tony  Powell

24/09/2018   Friendly, encouraging and open. A good experience….    Andy Mohun

24/09/2018   The course was detailed, intensive and pretty inspirational.  It was honest and eye opening and offered a standard.  Will Manners

29/09/2018   Interactive, practical’s and sharing of information between participants made it feel like a workshop which was excellent. Learned loads. Davy Virdee

29/09/2018   Very professional but welcoming and relaxing delivery of the course contents. Lots of topics covered, with lots of really useful scenarios. I did not feel “under pressure” at any time! Highly recommended.  Tom Colquhoun

29/09/2018   Discussion with other members as to what problems they encountered and how they coped with problems, and the sharing of information. Philip Maclachlan

29/09/2018   Down to earth friendly atmosphere.   John McIntyre

12/05/2018   Excellent, knowledgeable trainer that was able to answer all questions asked and provide a great supportive learning atmosphere. Thank you. Kathryn Needham

12/05/2018   Friendly staff and material adaptable to suit any activity.    Chris Wilkinson

Outdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative

Outdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative

First Aid Training Co-operativeOutdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative. Cory Jones, Outdoor First Aid Director is a founder and Director of the First Aid Training Co-operative. The Co-operative turn three years old in the summer of 2018, a few months ago.

For the past three years the Co-operative has grown at a manageable rate and is now running around 170 first aid courses per year. So that’s around 1650 students on courses per year.

Cory Jones working with the Co-op’s co-Director Tom Durham has now trained a strong team of 10 first aid trainers who all have different backgrounds from paramedics and MTR team leaders to nursery teachers and expedition leaders. This all helps when trying to link the right trainer to the right group.

The last three years have also seen the development of a range of four ‘digital’ first aid manuals which are designed specifically to fit with our first aid training courses and which are given free to every candidate. This manual can be downloaded to the candidate’s smart phone so always in their pocket.

The manuals are linked to the Co-operatives YouTube channel which hosts around 30 videos of relevant aspects of the first aid course, so candidates can view before or after their course. The videos also link to the digital manuals via hyperlink. An example video is linked below. 

Cory was the instigator and organiser of the Co-operatives First Aid Conference in 2017, this was a gathering of 100 first aid trainers and providers from across Scotland and northern England. The next conference will in Edinburgh on March 8th, 2019. Click here to find out more about the first aid conference.

The last three years have been busy with new developments and growth. Please contact us if you feel you have something which you feel you could contribute, or you would like to become a first aid trainer. The dates for next years trainer course shave just been announced.

Going back to lead first aid training in Kenya 2019

Going back to lead first aid training in Kenya 2019

Going back to lead first aid training in Kenya 2019. Over the last 10 years Cory Jones has been working in East Africa and Kenya in particular to deliver wilderness first aid courses. Cory along with James Savage of Savage Wilderness formed ‘Adventure First Aid’ in Kenya back in 2015.

Wilderness First Aid in KenyaCory trained a team of six Kenyans to deliver wilderness first aid courses and since 2015 the group has been very successful at delivering course throughout Kenya and recently in Tanzania. Current clients range from mountaineering clubs, Kenya Wildlife Service, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Mount Kenya and Kili guides plus many safari companies and lodges who put their staff through the first aid training provided by Adventure First Aid.

Cory now travels to Kenya on an annual basis to carry out standardisation and quality assurance visits for Adventure First Aid. He will be back in Kenya in January 2019. For anyone who needs a first aid course in East Africa then please contact James Savage via the Adventure First Aid staff first aid training

Scottish Adventure Travel Film Festival 2017

Scottish Adventure Travel Film Festival 2017

Inverewe Gardens, Wester Ross

Event Details

15-17 September 2017

Cory Jones and Mandy E. Rush have been asked to open the Scottish Adventure Travel Film Festival 2017.  This prestigious event and speak about their recent adventure trip walking the Pacific Crest trail and the Oregon Coastal Trail.

Find out more about their adventures ……

Digital Manuals – these are now for sale from our partner website.

Digital Manuals – these are now for sale from our partner website.

Simply click here to buy at £3.89 per manual.

Each of these digital manuals can be downloaded to your mobile device or computer and links to our YouTube channel.

These digital first aid manuals were edited by Cory Jones, owner and Director of Outdoor First Aid Limited. They are designed to be downloaded to you phone or tablet so they are available when there is a medical emergency. A huge amount of knowledge in your pocket for when that emergency takes place. Content from each manual is linked to high quality video’s which demonstrate emergency first aid techniques such as CPR, dealing with choking and placing a casualty in the recovery position.

First Aid at Work Digital ManualSport First Aid digital manualPaediatric_First_Aid_digital manualoutdoor first aid digital manual

Developing quality first aid courses in Kenya

training first aid trainers
training first aid trainers

Developing quality first aid courses in Kenya

Developing quality first aid courses in Kenya. After a successful and intense first aid train induction week and a trainer assessment day the Adventure First Aid trainer team have taken to the road to run a series of Wilderness First Aid courses under the supervision of Cory Jones of Outdoor First Aid Limited.

First stop a Wilderness First aid course for staff of Kenya Wildlife Service at the Mt Kenya Gate, Naru Moru. A busy 2 day course with rangers and members of the Mt Kenya Mountain Rescue Team. Course covered animal attack (buffalo/elephant) and the context of people injured on the mountain up to 5000m in altitude.

learning to teach CPR
learning to teach CPR

After a drive back to Nairobi a course was run for Mountain Club of Kenya. Again this remote context Wilderness First Aid course was well received and the members present recommended that other members should attend the same course later in the year. Course dealt with a range of issues including mountain bike accidents, climbing accidents, remote safari accidents, gunshot injury and road traffic incidents.

Last stop on the trainers itinerary was a trip down to Tsavo National Parking is available to work with rangers and staff of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. New training team are working hard to make courses practical and relevant. Adventure First Aid new trainers John and James are working with the Sheldrick teams to develop skills base around tracking team accidents, vehicle and plane incidents, animal attack and poaching incidents.

First Aid Conference – one week to go

First Aid Conference – one week to go

With one week to go before the First Aid Conference 2017 and preparation is almost complete.

If you still haven’t decided to come along them let me tempt you –


Speakers covering –

  • New technologies for measuring vital signs
  • SQA talking about first aid courses and their accreditation
  • AEDs and new technology
  • Mental health first aid
  • Citizen AID and dealing with multiple casualty incidents
  • Future development of Paediatric First Aid in Scotland
  • Scotland’s Air Ambulances – role and function
  • National resilience strategy and emergency services disaster management units

Workshops – choose from

  • Learn helmet removal skills
  • Using haemostatic bandages
  • Use of AED’s on first aid training courses – new requirements from HSE
  • Lyme disease recognition and management – latest news
  • Use of new technologies to monitor vital signs in the field
  • Working group discussing how to standardise Paediatric First Aid training in early years settings


Cardiac Science, global leader in developing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) technology has deployed over 600,000 AEDs.

Our latest innovation, the Powerheart AED G5 has 100+ patents and 20+ years of engineering excellence. It’s the first AED to combine fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language functionality, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times to help save a sudden cardiac arrest victim’s life.

MIME Technologies is on the frontline of digital health. We design innovative software to support those on the frontline of emergency care. Our solutions use Bluetooth® sensors to enable the real-time wireless monitoring of vital signs and can help identify patient deterioration or improvement.

Purple Horizons Training aims to promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as raising awareness through various training and development workshops.

SQA Accreditation is the qualifications regulator for Scotland providing quality assurance through the approval and regulation of awarding bodies and their qualifications.

Medtrade products Ltd CeloxTM haemostatic agents are products that control life-threatening bleeding.  Simple and effective, Celox stops major bleeding with as little as 60 seconds of compression.

Prometheus AlphaMed provides the highest quality medical consulting, management and support to all types of events.

First Aid Trade Supplier Ltd -First Aid Trade Supplier is focused on delivering first aid training products for first aid providers and trainers at trade prices.

ITC First – A First Aid Awarding Body regulated by SQA Accreditation and Ofqual.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance – ‘The emergency relief of sickness and injury and the protection of human life by the provision of an air ambulance across Scotland’

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) whose main objectives are for the benefit of the community to promote the advancement of Environmental Health.

SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) helps individuals realise their potential and achieve their ambitions by providing a wide range of high quality, internationally recognised qualifications and associated services.

Lyme Disease Action – Striving for the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases.

Others exhibitors include –

Adventure Sense, First Aid Industry Body, Qualifications Network.

Training First Aid Trainers in Kenya, East Africa

learning to teach CPR
Learning to teach CPR

Cory Jones, Director of Outdoor First Aid Limited has been traveling to Kenya for the last seven years running wilderness / outdoor first aid courses for safari and mountain guides and first aid courses for those in childcare settings.

“Each year we visit Kenya we see the difference we make to peoples lives by delivering first aid training courses. For a couple of years now the demand for courses has exceeded the amount of training I can do. We have now teamed up with local Kenyan providers and have launched Adventure First Aid.”

“One my trip this year we are training five people to be the First Aid Trainers of the future. Ken, James, Nick, John and Renson are all being trained to the same standard as UK first aid trainers and will run equivalent courses, to the same standards as courses are run in the UK. “

“I care about quality trainer, that’s what makes and difference and we are setting up a network of trainers in Kenya to make that happen.”

The new businesses will run commercial first aid courses and ones for communities and schools.

Currently Cory is training the new team to run first aid courses and putting them through their First Aid at Work certificate and Level 3 Education and Training Award, based a the Savage Wilderness, Sagana rafting camp.

training first aid trainers
Training first aid trainers

Adventure First Aid , Kenya

Adventure First Aid

Cory Jones, one of the Directors at First Aid Training Co-operative is working with James Savage to develop a programme of regular first aid courses and wilderness first aid provision based in Kenya. From 2017 Cory will be lead consultant working with Adventure First Aid Kenya to support the development of their first aid trainers and the quality assurance of their first aid courses.

Anyone interested in finding out more should contact James on –

Tel: +254 (0)733 835 963 and +254 (0)734 349 160screen-shot-2016-08-27-at-09-33-491
First Class, First Response, First Aid

Wilderness First Aid courses Kenya

Emergency First Aid in NarobiWilderness First Aid courses Kenya 2016

Cory Jones Director of Outdoor First Aid Limited and First Aid Training Co-operative has recently returned from three weeks training in Kenya.

Over 100 candidates took part in courses across Kenya. Course feedback has been positive. Many of the candidates on courses said that the training was useful for their work, but also to take back to their communities and to show other people life saving skills.

“Every year we run courses in Kenya and I am overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people who come on our first aid courses. People are so positive about the practical training we run”, said Cory.

Emergency First AidAlready the Co-operative office has received an email from one of the candidates on a Wilderness First Aid course we ran in April stating that they were involved in an incident that required the use of the skills they had just been taught. The individual stopped and helped at the site of a road traffic accident and judging by what happened they probably saved lives at the scene.

The courses delivered in Kenya are really focused on what is likely to happen in the bush away from help. As well as standard first aid skills participants spend a lot of time discussing accident management, infection control and evacuation procedures. These are all life saving skills.

Sample of course feedback

Really active and hands on

Very informative – we really learnt a lot today

Professionally executed, targeted to specific environments and good pace of training

Excellent and enthusiastic teacher. Maintaining good momentum and ambience throughout

Instructor was very knowledgeable and recognised when we needed a break or change of pace. Adapted to specific situations.

Active and relevant

A very practical course. Great structure and progression throughout. Fantastic!

The simplicity in how the training broke down complex things to make them easy.

Hands on, relevant, practical. Smiley face.

Cory made it personal to us and our work. He was personable and patient.

Practical scenarios helped to consolidate learning and correct mistakes

Extensive information and practical

The trainer- Cory was great and should always come back – Kenya’s Ambassador for First Aid training

Fun and very practical.


Courses for Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association at Kenya Wildlife Service HQ, Wildebeest Eco Camp,

Tassia Lodge, Lykipia and Kenton College.