Pitchside first aid

Pitchside Injury and Return to Play Decisions

This qualification is for the team sports person, coach, spectator or other involved adult with a duty of care requirement to make a reasonable ‘cease to play’ decision. You may be a sports therapist or physiotherapist who does pitchside cover.

We can run the course at your venue for group sizes of four people upwards. Call us on 0333 4330 731 (free to mobile and landlines callers) or mobile 07585 723763 or email at info@outdoor-first-aid-courses.com for more information or to book.

Core course content:

* Safe best practice and awareness of current regulations

* Sports specific practical scenario training

* A systematic approach to incident management. Primary Survey

* Vital signs

* Airway Management – safe airway positions & dealing with gum shields

* Return to play decisions following on field assessment using SALTAPS

* Recognition of concussion – use of Maddock’s questions

* Soft tissue injuries, strains and sprains – when to and when not to use ice

* What to put in your first aid kit

* How to make an action plan