Candidate Appeals Policy & Procedure

Outdoor First Aid Limited (OFA)

Candidate Appeals

Policy & Procedure

1. Appeals

1.1 Any individual or organisation that is affected by an assessment decision made by OFA and their Trainers is eligible to take advantage of the appeals process.

1.2 Appeals can be made by candidates, with respect to administration and assessment errors, perceived discrimination, and failure to take into account any special circumstances or decisions relating to malpractice or misconduct. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

1.3 Candidates are strongly recommended to pursue any enquiry, complaint or grievance informally by making a telephone or email enquiry to OFA in the first instance.  If resolution by informal means cannot be reached, formal systems should be followed

1.4 The time limit for making appeals is 3 weeks from course completion.  There is a time limit of an additional 3 weeks to review a formal appeal, an appeal review fee is payable (refundable if the appeal is upheld).

2. Appeals to OFA

2.1 Appeals generally fall into the following categories:

a) Administration error – typically a mistake in recording results.

b) Assessment error – perhaps using criteria other than those specified in the qualification.

c) Discrimination – the method of assessment was not fair and reasonable under the circumstances, or the assessor was biased or prejudiced.

d) Decisions regarding Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations

2.2 Disagreement with an assessment judgement is not normally grounds for an appeal. OFA Trainers follow strict criteria when making their assessment decisions in accordance with ITC directorate.

3. Summary of full Appeals Process

3.1 The full appeals process is summarised below. It is anticipated that most queries will be resolved informally by OFA with a minimum of delay.

a) Appeal raised

b) Clarification of the original decision

c) Informal dialogue to review the context and criteria of the decision

d) OFA to contact and discuss the assessment decision with the course trainer

e) Appellant informed of subsequent actions and decision

f) Where the decision is over turned, no further action required however reference may be made to the ITC Awards Manager for guidance if required

g) Where the decision remains, the candidate may refer directly to ITC using their Appeals Procedure available as a download from the website or by request to the ITC Office.

4. Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Appeal Decisions

4.1 Candidates appeal enquiries will be dealt with according to the timescales contained in OFA Customer Charter.  Should the result of an appeal call into question the accuracy of other OFA results, the Director will investigate each questionable result.  Appropriate proportionate action will then be taken which may include:

a) An increased level of scrutiny

b) Reporting to our Awarding Body

5. Conflict of Interest

5.1 All appeal decisions are to be taken by individuals who have no personal interest in the decisions being appealed.