Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited

Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited

Feedback from recent first aid courses run by Outdoor First Aid Limited. At the end of every training course the candidates are asked for feedback. This can verbal or after the event. Over the years we have experimented with different types of course evaluation. Whilst asking candidates to complete a paper evaluation form at the end of the training course often gives a 100% return rate, the feedback is often poor as the learners are filling the form in whilst they are thinking about getting in their cars and driving home.

Recently we have moved to a more reflective approach. A couple of days after their first aid course candidates are sent an e=evaluation to complete. True the response rate is much lower (fewer people send back feedback) but the feedback receive is usually much more useful to the training and quality assurance team.

Here is a summary of some of the comments received over the last few months –


24/09/2018   Flowed very well, explaining all aspects.  Tony  Powell

24/09/2018   Friendly, encouraging and open. A good experience….    Andy Mohun

24/09/2018   The course was detailed, intensive and pretty inspirational.  It was honest and eye opening and offered a standard.  Will Manners

29/09/2018   Interactive, practical’s and sharing of information between participants made it feel like a workshop which was excellent. Learned loads. Davy Virdee

29/09/2018   Very professional but welcoming and relaxing delivery of the course contents. Lots of topics covered, with lots of really useful scenarios. I did not feel “under pressure” at any time! Highly recommended.  Tom Colquhoun

29/09/2018   Discussion with other members as to what problems they encountered and how they coped with problems, and the sharing of information. Philip Maclachlan

29/09/2018   Down to earth friendly atmosphere.   John McIntyre

12/05/2018   Excellent, knowledgeable trainer that was able to answer all questions asked and provide a great supportive learning atmosphere. Thank you. Kathryn Needham

12/05/2018   Friendly staff and material adaptable to suit any activity.    Chris Wilkinson