CPC Driver First Aid


This Drivers First Aid course provides the skills to carry out first aid on road users in emergency situations. Driver CPC training is a requirement  for PCV and LGV/HGV drivers to complete periodic training. Driver CPC First Aid can for 7 hours of the required 35 hours of training. This course is also suitable for general road users who would like to have first aid skills to deal with emergency roadside situations. This road user first aid course will cover the basic first aid plus accident and incident management and dealing with spinal injuries.

  • Road accidents in the UK accounted for 2,222 deaths in 2008
  • 25% of these road fatalities occurred in incidents involving LGVs and PCVs.

With knowledge and skills CPD Driver First Aid can save many lives.

The course is based on Emergency First Aid skills which are contextualised to road user situations. Our diver first aid courses are practical and innovative. Course is open for both PCV Drivers and LGV Drivers.

We also run first aid courses for motorcyclists.

We can run the course at your venue for group sizes of four people upwards. Call us on 0333 4330 731 (free to mobile and landlines callers) or mobile 07585 723763 or email at info@outdoor-first-aid-courses.com for more information or to book.