Outdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative

Outdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative

First Aid Training Co-operativeOutdoor First Aid Limited Working with First Aid Training Co-operative. Cory Jones, Outdoor First Aid Director is a founder and Director of the First Aid Training Co-operative. The Co-operative turn three years old in the summer of 2018, a few months ago.

For the past three years the Co-operative has grown at a manageable rate and is now running around 170 first aid courses per year. So that’s around 1650 students on courses per year.

Cory Jones working with the Co-op’s co-Director Tom Durham has now trained a strong team of 10 first aid trainers who all have different backgrounds from paramedics and MTR team leaders to nursery teachers and expedition leaders. This all helps when trying to link the right trainer to the right group.

The last three years have also seen the development of a range of four ‘digital’ first aid manuals which are designed specifically to fit with our first aid training courses and which are given free to every candidate. This manual can be downloaded to the candidate’s smart phone so always in their pocket.

The manuals are linked to the Co-operatives YouTube channel which hosts around 30 videos of relevant aspects of the first aid course, so candidates can view before or after their course. The videos also link to the digital manuals via hyperlink. An example video is linked below. 

Cory was the instigator and organiser of the Co-operatives First Aid Conference in 2017, this was a gathering of 100 first aid trainers and providers from across Scotland and northern England. The next conference will in Edinburgh on March 8th, 2019. Click here to find out more about the first aid conference.

The last three years have been busy with new developments and growth. Please contact us if you feel you have something which you feel you could contribute, or you would like to become a first aid trainer. The dates for next years trainer course shave just been announced.